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Kosovo village is located in Rodhope mountains in Bulgaria. The nature around is magical and the village’s atmosphere – unique. Kosovo houses complex combines retro style with modern facilities. Visit us and enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of Rodhope mountain!

About Us

We are Svetlana and Hristo. For years we lived and worked in Latin America. When a person lives abroad for a long time, the longing for Bulgaria gets really strong. During one of our vacations back in Bulgaria we stumbled upon the Kosovo village and it captivated us immediately – with its peace and quiet, its cobblestone streets, the typical Rhodopean houses, spread on the hills. When we decided to return to Bulgaria for good and to change our way of live, we were certain that Kosovo village would be the place we wanted to settle in. And so, with the active participation of friends and family, we gave birth to the ”Kosovo Houses”, built with hard work, love and a desire to preserve the true Bulgarian spirit. It is of immense value, as it is a part of us. We welcome our guests with pleasure and want to show them this feeling, the authenticity of Rhodopean atmosphere and the beauty of Bulgarian nature, which we long for and strive to preserve. Many of our guests have become our friends and keep coming back, as they have felt the magnetic pull of the Rhodope mountains. Give us a visit and find out for yourselves.