The houses

Начало / The Houses

Our Houses

Hadjiyska House

The Hadjiyska House is the heart of the complex. The first house we restored and opened up for guests, it’s where it all began. The Tavern is located in its yard. The house is quite special – not only to us and not only because of our memories in it.

Gavatovska House

The Gavatovska House, restored in the autumn of 2008 is located in the Turkish neighbourhood and is one of the most remarkable in the village. We couldn’t preserve the original walls, so we had to rebuild everything in the same style. The house was thus restored to look as close as possible to its original state.


Elinovska House

The Elinovska house is situated on the hill of the Turkish neighborhood in the village – one of the highest places in the village and offers a breathtaking view. It used to be the first school in the village and has now been made a cultural monument.