Hadjiyska House

Начало / Hadjiyska House

The house

The Hadjiyska House is the heart of the complex. The first house we restored and opened up for guests, it’s where it all began. The Tavern is located in its yard.


The house is quite special – not only to us and not only because of our memories in it. It is the most notable one in the village and has been deemed a cultural monument. Built by Hadji Georgi Stanchovski in 1853, a renowned builder, he created one of the most beautiful houses in the Old Town of Plovdiv (the Georgiadi House and Kuymdjioglu House – now an ethnographic museum) and in the entire territory of the then-Ottoman Empire. Originally he made the Hadjiyska House to be his home in the village of Kosovo. The local church Uspenie Bogorodichno which is a culture monument was also built by him.

Restoring a house of such significance is a big task. We turned to expert builders, experienced in restoring traditional Rhodopean-style buildings. What we could – we saved, what had been destroyed – we restored to its original glory, the walls, the tiles, chimneys, fireplaces, built-in cupboards. We also brought back the comfort and spirit – Rhodopean wooden ceilings, woven blankets, rugs and fireplaces.

Currently there are 6 double and 2 triple bedrooms, each with its own specially crafted furniture. Of course, we have added some modern amenities such as Satellite TV and modern shower cabins. The house is licensed with 3 stars, the highest category a guesthouse can attain.

In the early 2007 the restored House was awarded a silver medal from the Authentic Bulgaria Foundation, a mart for excellence in design and tradition. It is proof that guests can expect professionalism and quality service. You can find out for yourselves.

What do you get

6 double rooms

2 triple rooms

Private bathroom

Next to the tavern