Gavatovska House

Начало / Gavatovska House

The House

The Gavatovska House, restored in the autumn of 2008 is located in the Turkish neighbourhood and is one of the most remarkable in the village. We couldn’t preserve the original walls, so we had to rebuild everything in the same style. The house was thus restored to look as close as possible to its original state. Due to the steep Kosovo topography, the house is built on several levels, with several separate entrances and exists. Located about 60 meters from the parking space, you can get to it via a cobblestone path.


At its lowest level the house is equipped with a tavern for guests with a fireplace, kitchenette and bathrooms. On the other levels there are 2 studio apartments with kitchenettes, 5 double rooms and a suite, each with its own separate bathroom. The barn was reconstructed to be a separate third apartment.

The section of the house has 5 rooms, 1 apartment and the tavern is great for groups of 10 to 15 people, who prefer to be alone and want to test out their culinary skills. The additional fireplace in the yard is perfect for barbecue.

The spacious apartments, consisting of a bedroom and living room with an extendable couch are perfect for a lengthier family vacation. They are also equipped with a fridge, microwave, and a kitchenette.

What do you get

3 apartments

5 double rooms

1 suite

Private bathroom

Satelite TV

Private tavern