The Tavern

Начало / The Tavern

The Kosovo Houses tavern is located in the yard of the Hadjiska House, in the renovated barn. You will find yourself in the atmoshpere of the Bulgarian Revival period and traditional Rhodopean architecture – from the sizeable stone walls, to the heavy oak furniture and unique local cuisine. The Rhodopean ”patatnik” (a traditional potato dish from the region) to the monk’s bean soup, the crepes, home-made yoghurt (also made locally) are just some examples of the specialities of our kitchen.

We also love mushrooms. In the woods, surrounding Kosovo village you can find various sorts. We gather more than 20 sorts of mushrooms and marinate them. During certain seasons, we add fresh mushroom dishes in the menu. Another notable thing is the mountain tea (”Murskalski” tea or ” Sideritis Scardica”) we make ourselves. With the help of the village folk we gather aromatic herbs and prepare our own unique blend. You wouldn’t find a better and more aromatic version anywhere else.

From 2022, the restaurant is under new management with new ideas – the international family of our long-time chef Miro. You can find HERE a brief presentation by them and their renewed menu with the main idea of: HEALTHY EATING.

We use only locally produced fresh ingredients, from the village or the surrounding mountain region, snot farther than 30 kilometers. Our bread is made in the nearby village of ”Hvoyna”, prepared with home-made yeast. We also make our own yoghurt, with milk from the cow farms in Chepelare and Zaburdo. Finally we source our vegetables from villages, surrounding the Asenovgrad municipality. We truly strive to support local produce and aim to avoid products, that damage the environment.

We are proud of our rich collection of Bulgarian wines, as well as the specially made ”Kosovo Houses”-labelled wine from the ”Villa Lyubimets” winery.

The tavern is open all day, year round and is available both to guests or any visitor. It can fit up to 40 people, and is suitable for any kinds of events or gatherings. During the summer we can fit up to 30 more people on the porch and the yard. The fireplace adds to the cosy atmosphere and we also prepare tasty traditional dishes with it. Another thing we are proud of are the singers from the famous Smolyan folk esnsable ”100 Kaba-Bagpipes”, whose songs will immerse you in the spirit of Rhodopean culture. We offer free Wi-fi and Satellite Television for the guests of the tavern.

Here is a sample of our wonderful and authentic menu:

32 places inside

25 garden places

12 balcony places