Humans of Rhodope Mountains: Kukeri festival in Shiroka Laka

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Working with a manual lens at the Kukeri Festival in Shiroka Laka is not the best option. Neither it is walking up late and extending breakfast at Kosovo Houses. At 10.00 on Sunday the traffic jam surrounds the village. Shiroka Laka becomes a veritable sea of dancing people, revelry, and of course, kukeri.

This year Shiroka Laka celebrated the Kukeri Festival from the 3rd to the 6th of March. Although the most famous Kukeri Festival takes place in Pernik (Sofia), Shiroka Laka has the special component of being capital of the Traditional Music through it’s Academy. This was highly regarded at their program.

This kind of events are not made for everyone, but it’s an obligation to try it at least once in lifetime. Even the massiveness harms originality, the legends remain the same. Through their rituals, the Kukeri try to frighten the supernatural forces of evil away and bring health, good harvest and fertility.

Did they achieve to protect the Rhodope Mountains this year? Here are some pictures.


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